You can help!


Protect Ojibway, send letters to:

  1. Send a letter to Council requesting the closure of Matchette (Titcombe to Sprucewood). Don't forget to include heartfelt details you have for Ojibway.
  2. Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry - Hon. Kathryn McGarry asking her to provide an overall benefit to 17 other endangered and threatened species not addressed in the ESA permit.
    Here's the email for Hon. Kathryn McGarry - If you want cc-,,,, and
  3. Ask the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) to apply Sec 28 (1) (c) if, when the development application comes in, doesn't meet tests and/or 120 m buffers as suggested by the province's Natural Heritage Reference Manual. Send ERCA's letters to c/o Richard Wyma - General Manager -

Rethink Possible

Support the Environmental Assessment (EA) study. Let’s see if Matchette Rd. can close and become a new trail.
Add your voice: write a letter in support of the EA to council and attend Windsor's council meeting at a future date. (City Hall Council Chambers, 350 City Hall Sq, 3rd Floor) protecting: our international tourist/research destination, endangered biodiversity, air and water. Current traffic is harming Ojibway, our largest natural area and natural shield: removing 68 000 lbs of air pollution, filtering 15 million gallons of water annually.

Purchase a Car Magnet

Car Magnets can be purchased for $7.00 each at Ten Thousand Villages (624 Chilver Rd). Limited supply get yours while supplies last.

Past Events

Attend Canada in a Day Event at Ojibway, Sunday Sept 11, 2016 9:00 - 9:30 a.m.
We will be making a crowd video to be included in the documentary "Canada in a Day". (release date 2017). Communties across Canada are making submissions for this film that celebrates our country as it turns 150 years old. Help make our community's efforts of trying to protect our globally endangered ecosystem, part of this history. Come out at 9 am for coffee, snacks, and share your Ojibway spirit! If you feeling like talking, be ready to share an answer to one (or all) of these four questions: 1) What do you love, 2) What do you fear, 3) What do you hope for, and 4) What does Canada mean to you. (Please focus answers on Ojibway)."


e-Federal Petition
Help us protect a globally endangered ecosystem, its 4000 species, and impact climate change! Note: this petition is now closed.

Provinical Petition
We have submitted 12,700 signatures to the Legislative Assembly. Our collective voice is making a difference. We are still collecting signatures! Download a petition, get it filled out, and mail it back to Nancy (1270 Golfview Dr., LaSalle, ON, N9J 1Y7).

Why save this land?

Ojibway Prairie hosts 4,000 species, of which 160 are at risk, including 6 endangered and 11 threatened in Ontario. It represents Canada’s, and the world’s, most endangered ecosystem. It is a local, provincial, national, and global interest. Please join Save Ojibway Prairie in trying to protect this rare and unique wetland, Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, and Environmentally Significant Area.